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Asifa Quraishi-Landes

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Law School


The MPSN summer lecture series is based on the belief that seeking power and influence for its own sake is a hollow goal, but one of the best things a Muslim can do in this lifetime is to serve the public good.  Rather than simply inserting Muslims into positions of power, MPSN elevates the insights of talented Muslims already seeking careers in public service.  To do this, our lectures facilitate deeper understandings of how and why Muslims can serve the American public good.


Whether an aspiring entrepreneur, journalist, lawyer, business leader, policymaker, scholar, or activist, MPSN Fellows can find something in the lecture series that will connect their personal interests to their own evolving Muslim identity and life practices.



The classes are MPSN's spiritual learning nerve center.  Our scholars and experts give the Fellows important tools to help them figure out how their Muslim identities can impact their public lives and work.

- Asifa Quraishi-Landes,

MPSN Board of Directors

The lecture series is intense but worth it.  Available only to MPSN Fellows, these exclusive classes, workshops, and presentations occur in the intimate setting of the MPSN residence -- usually over a meal prepared by the Fellows themselves.  This provides an unparalleled opportunity for intensive, private, and interactive engagement with some of the country’s most influential scholars and experts in experts on a range of topics related to Islam and the public good.




John Esposito
Dalia Mogahed
Sulayman Nyang
Azizah Al-Hibri
Jihad Turk
Farid Senzai

Past Lecture


Islamic Law & Public Policy

History of Muslims in America

Orientalist Challenges to the Quran & Sunnah

Public Policy During the Time of the Prophet (PBUH)

Islam & the Black American

Indigenous-Immigrant American Muslim Relations



& Islam

Sharia and the American Muslim Candidate


American Muslims and the National Security State

Islamic Finance & Economic Theory


Islam, Democracy, & Human Rights

Muslims and American Pluralism



Lecture Topics

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